Photo credit: SGI Canada

14th November 2023

SGI Canada Youth Join Tree-Planting Activity with Credit Valley Conservation

  • Sustainability & climate change

On 14 October 2023, youth members of SGI Canada joined Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) for a tree-planting activity. CVC has a mandate to protect, restore and manage the natural resources of the Credit River and its watershed. The Credit River starts above the Niagara Escarpment and flows into Lake Ontario at Port Credit, near Toronto. Despite problems with water quality in the lower section of the river, it provides spawning areas for Chinook salmon and rainbow trout.

CVC carries out a range of activities aimed at improving the watershed and strengthening the area’s resilience to climate change, including tree planting with local schools and community groups. The youth of SGI Canada have taken part in tree-planting activities with CVC every year since 2000, except during the pandemic, and have planted some 8,000 trees. In 2023, together with local volunteers, 13 youth members planted over 180 trees and shrubs in Orangeville, Ontario.

Photo credit: SGI Canada