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Digital Dehumanisation Campaign Videos

Stop Killer Robots has launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the dangers posed by digital dehumanisation. The Digital Dehumunisation Campaign will feature six pieces of fact-based video content to educate the public as well as lobbyists and lawmakers over the next couple of months.

Hayley Ramsay-Jones of SGI is the host in all six videos that explore what digital dehumanisation is, what it means for you and the world as a whole and how we can take a stand against it.

  • Stopping Killer Robots
  • Disarmament

Digital dehumanisation is a process where humans are reduced to data, which is then used to make decisions and/or take actions that negatively affects their lives.

Stop Killer Robots
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DIGITAL DEHUMANISATION: Dr. Matt Mahmoudi, Amnesty International

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Identity 2.0 on Digital Dehumanisation

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Meet Giles Zamboski, AI - We interview an AI on Digital Dehumanisation

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Robots in the Age of Digital Surveillance, Digital Surveillance in the Age of Robots - Matthew Guariglia, EFF

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YAYA on Digital Dehumanisation, Street Art, Sweet Activism and what's wrong with AI Art

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Digital Dehumanisation - 
Dr. Catherine Connolly