Photo Credit: Soka Cultural Association of France

12th January 2023

Human Rights Exhibitions and Symposium Held in France

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From 3 to 11 December 2022, Amnesty International and the Soka Cultural Association of France worked together to show two exhibitions on human rights at the Espace Beaulieu in Nantes, France.

The first, "Transforming Life: The Power of Human Rights Education," is a traveling exhibition created in 2017 by SGI, the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education and Learning, HRE2020 and with the support of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. It illustrates the vital role of human rights education in promoting dignity, equality and peace. The exhibition was first shown in France in 2019, at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The second exhibition, "Just Humans," was created by Magnum Photos and Amnesty International. Together they joined forces to look back on 60 years of mobilization for human rights, through a selection of images that illustrate the diversity of actions carried out by Amnesty throughout that time.

In addition, a symposium of four roundtable discussions entitled “Human Rights – for, with and by youth” was held on 3 December 2022. The first discussion explored the role of human rights education, particularly aimed at making young people aware of their rights. The second discussion examined ways different aspects of society, such as the economy, culture and sport, can serve the needs of human beings. The third discussed action needed against disinformation and toxic speech. The fourth round table explored how building self-esteem can contribute to a change in our environment.

Representing SGI and the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education and Learning, Elisa Gazzotti of the SGI Office for UN Affairs spoke at the first roundtable on the importance of human rights education for, with and by youth. She also pointed to the essential role that civil society plays in driving momentum for UN initiatives, particularly the fourth phase of the UN World Program for Human Rights Education, which is focused on youth, commenting: “Our main challenge is that, although the Member States formally support this program, its follow up and implementation remain difficult in national contexts. Despite this, our actions, such as this one today, encourage us to persevere in raising awareness of the rights of young people."

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