Photo credit: BSG

22nd April 2024

Combating Plastic Pollution in India

  • Sustainability & climate change

From 3–9 October 2023, Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG), the Soka Gakkai organization in India, led a plastic collection drive in the Delhi National Capital Region. Over the seven days, volunteers gathered 27,726 kg of plastic waste from numerous collection points in the region.

The collection was the culmination of the BSG 25 Tonne Plastic Collection Campaign that was launched on 28 July 2023 and saw the appointment of some 1,400 people as “plastic coordinators” within BSG. Throughout August and September, leading up to the collection drive, the coordinators raised awareness of the campaign in their communities by encouraging other BSG members, family, friends and neighbors to collect plastic and lead by example.

One BSG member engaged in dialogues with factories within an industrial zone, leading to the collection of 250 kg of plastic waste. Another member visited several schools, collaborating with her local Resident Welfare Association, and engaged in dialogue with over 100 individuals, which resulted in 130 kg of collected plastic.

In addition to individual member contributions, the campaign led various organizations, including schools, factories and hospitals, to join forces in the collection drive. For example, one institution conducted an exhaustive plastic waste collection from two local parks, while a school mobilized its students to contribute plastic waste from their households.

This initiative underscores the immense power of collective action in creating a tangible impact on our environment.

The collected plastic waste was responsibly recycled by BSG’s recycling partners, Blue Nudge and Bisleri, preventing it from polluting landfills or oceans, where it poses a significant threat to wildlife and ecosystems.

BSG Chairperson Vishesh Gupta commented, “This initiative underscores the immense power of collective action in creating a tangible impact on our environment.”

BSG is committed to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through community-driven initiatives such as this plastic collection campaign, which is part of its ongoing BSG for SDG campaign.