6th September 2021

Academic Seminar on Child Abuse Prevention in South Korea

Photo credit: Korea SGI

  • Human rights education

On 21 June 2021, Mugunghwa Welfare World, a social welfare organization established by Korea SGI (KSGI), and the Korean Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect co-organized an annual academic seminar on child abuse prevention in Yeouido, an island in Seoul, South Korea.

Participants discussed ways to improve the current system aimed at preventing child abuse in the country. Im Yeyun of the Korean Crime Victims Support Association suggested revisions of the country’s Child Welfare Act to build a more effective child protection system. Professor Choi Wonseok of JEI University spoke on the role of child protection specialists and shared his suggestion to build a better network between the public and private sectors. Dr. Choi Hyeongbo of Dongguk University highlighted the increasing number of child abuse cases and called for the implementation of more effective policies and systems. Kang Byeongdon, Chairman of Mugunghwa Welfare World, gave closing words, stating that the increasing number of child abuse cases is a challenge in Korean society and that the organization will continue to support the prevention of child abuse.

Mugunghwa Welfare World was established in 2015 to promote social welfare activities based on Buddhist philosophy. It places value on treasuring every person and conducts activities to protect the vulnerable through seminars and campaigns.

Mugunghwa Welfare World has also made donations toward the prevention of child abuse. On 7 September 2021, a volunteer group leader of the organization in Cheongju announced that they will make a donation toward supporting psychological examinations and treatment for abused children.